Thursday, 23 April 2015

100 Day Drawing Challenge

After watching 'The Big Painting Challenge' on BBC1 recently, which shows a group of artists complete a painting every week to ultimately find a winner, I couldn't help feel the whole programme was a tad unfair. Each artist had their own style and were often criticised as they did not conform to the judges expectations, this seemed absurd to me as obviously everyone has their own way of painting or drawing, how can we really judge each style? In my opinion everyone's individuality should be celebrated and not judged, this is what makes us all unique.

I've worked at many creative roles and in my honest opinion, it is a bit painful to be told to change your style. I remember once creating a splash page (the first page you see when going to a website) but when I showed my boss what I had created, she ummed and aahed before giving me constructive criticism. Obviously not everything you ever create will be amazing, but small remarks can stay with you.

With this in mind, I'm now going to celebrate my own style and hope to increase my confidence with drawing. I've realised that I need to build my confidence and have more belief in myself, so as of today I'm going to complete a 100 day drawing challenge. I've seen a few different versions online which give you set examples of what to draw on each specific day, but I'm going to draw whatever I fancy.

Here is day one, wish me luck!

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